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Blog: IOHA Scholarship Awards Available

XVIIIth International Conference
“Power and Democracy: The Many Voices of Oral History”
9th – 12th July 2014
Barcelona – Spain

For each international conference the IOHA is able to provide small grants for a limited number of participants. The IOHA Conference/Master Class Scholarship Fund aims to bring together international oral history scholars from inside and outside the academic realm, to continue building a unique global platform for professional exchange and comparative oral history inquiry.

IOHA Conference/Masterclass Grants take the form of financial support for travel costs, master classes fees or conference fees. This time the maximum grant is 6.850-€. (as of March 2014). Most awards range between 250 € to 500 €. The grant is a supplement; applicants are advised to start looking for funds from other sources as soon as they determine their intention to participate.

Scholarship application deadline: 1 December 2013

Consideration will be given only to those whose proposals for inclusion in the conference program have been accepted. (Submission for conference paper proposals is due by July 15, 2014.) See the conference website for more information:  
and the IOHA website:

The IOHA Scholarship Committee will send out notification letters by 1 January 2014 to all applicants whose application has reached us before the deadline. In order to receive an award, those selected must submit their final abstracts and papers by the published deadline and present their papers in person at the conference in Barcelona.  .

The deadline for receipt of the final paper is April 30, 2014. The final confirmation of IOHA Scholarship Award will depend on the submission of your paper. Any offer we make will be withdrawn if you do not submit your final paper.

Early submission of final paper is strongly advised, as this may prove helpful as you try to secure your visa. Applications for a visa should generally be submitted at least five months in advance of your planned date of travel.

Please see the attached document for criteria and submission information

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University of Alabama Summerhill Center for the Study of the South presents new oral history project

The mission of the Summersell Center is “to investigate and promote understanding of the history and culture of the American South through research and public programming.”

The center has paired up with the Southern Oral History Program at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill to bring awareness to preserving oral history. UNC’s program dedicates itself to recording interviews of people’s accounts of Southern historical events and immortalizing them on the Internet.

For more information on the Southern Oral History Program, visit, and for the Summersell Center, visit

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OHA 2013 and social media

As we move toward the annual meeting in Oklahoma City, it’s incumbent that we fruitfully employ social media to maximize the impact of the meeting, and by extension OHA itself.  Accordingly we are encouraging OHA members, H-Oralhist subscribers, and conference attendees to do the following:
1) Like us on Facebook.  Only a minority of the OHA membership follows us on Facebook, thus precluding an avenue of ongoing communication about OHA and the field more generally.  Share comments, photographs and even sound and video from the meeting on the OHA Facebook page.
2) Follow us on Twitter at @OHAnetwork.  Use twitter to share commentary about the annual meeting (#OHA2013) as well as developments within OHA and the field.
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Special book signing at Oklahoma University Press booth in meeting exhibit hall

In addition to the regularly scheduled book signing, scheduled for Friday, October 11 from 3:15-3:45 in the meeting exhibit hall, the Oklahoma University Press will be sponsoring a special signing. Stephen Fagin, author of Assassination and Commemoration: JFK, Dallas, and The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, will be signing copies of his book at the Oklahoma University Press booth, Thursday, October 10 from 12:00-1:00.

Assassination and Commemoration: JFK, Dallas, and The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza by Stephan Fagin recounts the slow and painful process by which the city of Dallas, Texas, and a nation came to terms with its collective memory of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and its aftermath. Today, The Sixth Floor Museum helps visitors to interpret the depository and Dealey Plaza as sacred ground and a monument to an unforgettable American tragedy. Fagin’s book both carefully studies a community’s confrontation with tragedy and explores the ways we preserve the past.

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Southern Foodways Alliance Celebrates Oral History

The Southern Foodways Alliance will be represented in one of the OHA 2013 Annual Meeting plenary sessions. Below is their announcement celebrating the oral history archives at the SFA.


Welcome to the SFA’s first-ever Oral History Week.

Did you know:

We’ve had an online oral history archive since the inception of our oral history initiative in 2003. We committed ourselves to sharing our work with the widest audience possible from the get-go, and we’ve tried to update our methods as new media (outlets, as well as tools) continues to become available.

To date, 564 SFA oral history interviews are available online. For free. To the public. (In case the Internet breaks, we’ve also secured a place for them in the University of Mississippi library.) Our oral histories are accessed by everyone from travelers to scholars to armchair food enthusiasts.

For every subject, you’ll find:

  • A portrait
  • A short bio of the individual and his/or her place of work
  • A quote
  • Location and contact information, if the individual runs a public space such as a restaurant
  • A full PDF transcript of the interview
  • A 3-5 minute audio slideshow
  • An album of still photographs
  • A stand-alone audio clip

Why all this media? We want you give you the ability to hear the individual’s voice, read her story, and see her at work.

You’ll notice that when we updated our website this summer, we redesigned our online oral history archive. Our goal is twofold: we want to emphasize new media and an interactive user experience while maintaining best practices for the field of oral history. We will always, always remain committed to the long-form oral history interview. Different forms of media are so inexpensive and accessible now. Stories are shorter, and everyone is telling them—the SFA included. But we continue to invest in formal interviews and creating primary source material that scholars can use for generations to come.

With the help of our graduate student assistants, we’re also working to update older projects with new media.

You’ll notice that our website no longer features interactive maps for each of the the oral history trails. We invite hungry travelers to make use of our iPhone app, “SFA Stories.” (For those those wishing to embark on the Tamale Trail, we do offer a new interactive map.)

We’ve tried to make it easy for you to find the stories that interest you most:

  • The newest oral history projects appear first; you can also sort by state.
  • Our Culinary Trails (Tamales, Barbecue, Gumbo, and Boudin) are featured separately at the bottom of the oral history index.
  • If you know what you’re looking for, make use of the “advanced search” option in the search box at the top right corner of the site. There, you can dig for specific people, places, and foods.

How have scholars and writers made use of our archive? Last week, Katie Rawson presented an analysis of gender in the oyster industry in Apalachicola, Florida, using our “Florida’s Forgotten Coast” oral history project. Dale and John Shelton Reed made use of our North Carolina barbecue oral histories in their 2008 book, Holy Smoke. And excerpts from five oral histories will appear in Cornbread Nation 7, forthcoming from UGA Press in spring 2014.

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Centre for Public History Bangalore sponsors Winter School on Orality, Memory and Social Change

The first-ever Winter School on Orality, Memory and Social Change in India hopes to make good some of that loss. To be held from November 6 to 15 at Centre for Public History, Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore, the course will ‘focus on the role played by oral history in documenting social change’. The school is partnered by Instituto Italiano di Cultura, New Delhi, Trinity College, Dublin and Center for Contemporary Studies at Indian Institute of Science.

The Winter School will address a few key questions in the field of oral history, especially its understanding, which according to Chowdhury, is a method by which spoken accounts that are offered by interviewees in response to questioning are recorded, archived and analysed. “Oral histories can be reflective, deeply involved, always subjective but valuable and irreplaceable sources. Our course will focus on orality, memory and social change and will look at understandings of social change through voices that are often not included in official histories,” she says.

Admissions to the winter school are still open. Those interested must write soon to ni.ca1632493230.iths1632493230irs@h1632493230pc1632493230. For course details, go to

Read more at New Indian Express.

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