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2021 Submission Guidelines and Supplemental Information

The following documents are available to assist with submitting a proposal for the Annual Meeting. Find the Call for Papers here. Considering a Proposal? Abstract Guidelines Proposal Submission Instructions Submission Evaluation Criteria Considering a Proposal? What You Need to Know … Panel Types Before you begin, please note that OHA gives preference to whole session […]

2000 Oral History Evaluation Guidelines

The Oral History Evaluation Guidelines are provided as a record. Please see the new document “Principles for Oral History and Best Practices” for Oral History for the Oral History Association’s current guidelines, adopted in September, 2009. 2000 Oral History Evaluation Guidelines Oral History Association Pamphlet Number 3 Adopted 1989, Revised Sept. 2000 History of the […]

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Annual Meeting Site Selection

OHA is continuously in the process of recruiting sites for future annual meetings. This process is initiated in various ways.  Most often, the OHA executive office works with a third-party negotiator to request bid proposals three to four years in advance of a meeting date. Requests are targeted towards conference venues (most often situated in […]


Tooltips This is a test page. Please ignore any content on this page, we are just using it as a tool to test how the website will look with potential changes. Again this is a test. Pigs can fly, and flying is the best. Dogs are awesome and are way better and cuter than cats. […]

Introduction to the OHA’s Principles and Best Practices

  The History behind Our Work, 1966-2009, by Sherna Berger Gluck[1] This 2018 version of the Oral History Association’s Principles and Best Practices, like each one before it for the past fifty years, is a product of its time. Since the initial 1968 Goals and Guidelines was issued, the theory and practice of oral history […]

OHA Statement on Ethics

Oral historians have ethical obligations that are both specific to oral history methodology and shared with other methodologies and practices, ranging from anthropology to archival work. Ethics encompasses the principles that should govern the multiple relationships inherent in oral history. Everyone involved in oral history work, from interviewers and narrators to archivists and researchers, becomes […]

OHA Principles and Best Practices

Principles for Oral History and Best Practices for Oral History Adopted October, 2018 Introduction Core Principles of the OHA  OHA Statement on Ethics  Best Practices  For Participants in Oral History Interviews  Archiving Oral History  (Adopted October 2019) Glossary Print Version Chinese Version [Translation by Lili Wang (North China Electric Power University) with Xiaofan Liu and […]

2016 Call for Papers

Call for Papers OHA Annual Conference Oct. 12-16, 2016 Long Beach, California Renaissance Hotel   “OHA@50: Traditions, Transitions and Technologies from the Field” is the theme of the 2016 Oral History Association 50th anniversary meeting, set for Oct. 12-16 at the Renaissance Hotel in Long Beach, California. The OHA invites proposals that reflect on the […]

President’s Letter

By Daniel Kerr The year 2020 has been a year of crisis, trauma and resilience. In his introduction to the edited collection, Listening on the Edge: Oral History in the Aftermath of Crisis (2014), Mark Cave leads off with a statement that feels more true now than ever before, “Crisis is a historical constant.” He […]

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Remote Interviewing Resources

Published August 27, 2020 Introduction How to Use this Guide Decision Tree A Note on Essential Interviewing and COVID-19 Projects Considerations for Remote Interviewing Considerations for Choosing an In-Person vs. Remote Interview Hardware Considerations Audio vs. Video Recording Archival Considerations Compressed vs. Uncompressed Cloud vs. Local File Capture Backup Recording Visual vs. Physical Signatures Elevated […]