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Past Presidents

2020-2021 Dan Kerr, American University
2019-2020 Allison Tracy-Taylor, Three First Names
2018-2019 Natalie Fousekis, Cal State Fullerton
2017-2018 Todd Moye, University of North Texas
2016-2017 Doug Boyd, University of Kentucky
2015-2016 Anne Valk, Williams College
2014-2015 Paul Ortiz, University of Florida
2013-2014 Stephen Sloan, Baylor University
2011-13 Mary Larson, Oklahoma State University
2010-11 Rina Benmayor, California State University Monterey Bay
2009-10 Michael Frisch, SUNY Buffalo
2008-09 Charles Hardy III, West Chester University
2007-08 Mehmed Ali, U.S. Department of State
2006-07 Alphine Jefferson, Randolph Macon College
2005-06 Rebecca Sharpless, Baylor University
2004-05 Kim Rogers, Dickinson College
2003-04 Rose Diaz, University of New Mexico
2002-03 Arthur Hansen, California State University Fullerton
2001-02 Mary Marshall Clark, Columbia University
2000-01 Cliff Kuhn, Georgia State University
1999-2000 Laurie Mercier, Washington State University
1998-99 Howard Green, New Jersey Historical Commission
1997-98 Linda Shopes, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
1996-97 Richard Candida Smith, University of Michigan
1995-96 Anne G. Ritchie, National Gallery of Art
1994-95 Dale Treleven, UCLA Oral History Program
1993-94 Kim Lady Smith, Kentucky Oral History Commission
1992-93 Albert S. Broussard, Texas A&M University
1991-92 Terry L. Birdwhistell, University of Kentucky
1990-91 Thomas L. Charlton, Baylor University
1989-90 Lila Johnson Goff, Minnesota Historical Society
1988-89 Ronald E. Marcello, University of North Texas
1987-88 Ronald J. Grele, Columbia University
1986-87 Donald A. Ritchie, U.S. Sentate Historical Office
1985-86 Samuel B. Hand, University of Vermont
1984-85 Martha J. Ross, University of Maryland
1983-84 Cullom Davis, Sangamon State University
1982-83 Elizabeth B. Mason, Columbia University
1981-82 John Neuenschwander, Carthage College
1980-81 James W. Hammack, Jr., Murray State University
1979-80 Enid H. Douglass, Claremont Graduate School
1978-79 William Warner Moss, John F. Kennedy Library
1977-78 Waddy W. Moore, University of Central Arkansas
1976-77 William R. Wyatt, Western Health Systems, Inc.
1975-76 Alice M. Hoffman, Pennsylvania State University
1974-75 Samuel Proctor, University of Florida
1973-74 Charles W. Crawford, Memphis State University
1972-73 John E. Wickman, Eisenhower Library
1971-72 Charles T. Morrissey, Vermont Historical Society
1970-71 Forrest C. Pogue, George C. Marshall Library
1969-70 Oscar O. Winther, Indiana University Peter D. Olch, National Library of Medicine
1968-69 Gould P. Coleman, Cornell University
1967-68 Louis M. Starr, Columbia University
1966-67 James Mink, Chairman