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Audio Visual Support Policy

OHA has a universal AV support policy: every conference room for every session at the Annual Meeting will be provided with a standard digital projector and audio amplification, without the need for specific reservations or provision arrangements.

Please note, however, that OHA does NOT provide laptops.  Presenters are responsible for providing a laptop with the appropriate software required to run their presentation.  Presenters who come with their files on a jump/thumb/flashdrive will not be accommodated.  OHA will provide digital projectors, speakers, and standard interface cables for projection and audio amplification (VGA for projectors and 1/8″ audio cable for laptop connection.)  Some laptops, especially some MACs,  may require appropriate dongles and adapters, which presenters are responsible for providing.  More detailed information on the specific projector and standard adapters provided will be posted in advance of meetings, in time for presenters to assess their computers’ needs in this regard and obtain whatever alternative adapter may be needed.

In order to provide this universal support, OHA will no longer support other projection modes, such as cassette tape recorders, audio decks, overheads, VHS or DVD players, or TV Monitors.  Any such alternative audiovisual equipment must be provided by the presenter, or the presentation must be converted into forms displayable via a laptop and projector.