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2021 Call for Posters

“Moving Stories

2021 OHA Annual Meeting
Virtual Meeting

The Poster Submission Portal is closed.

The virtual poster session will provide  an opportunity for informal, interactive presentations and discussions. This is a forum for exchanging innovative ideas, and for useful feedback and discussion on your work. 

Submission requirements: Proposals should include a title and a description of how the poster or project relates to the theme. Abstracts can be up to 250 words.  Posters are a visual and interactive medium, so please provide some information about how the display will convey information visually and/or how you would like to engage visitors. Because OHA evaluates only the abstract in its decision, be sure that it clearly conveys the purpose of your presentation. The deadline for submissions is July 15, 2021. and submitters will be notified in August.

Virtual Poster Platform: We are using Pheedloop to host our online conference. Pheedloop has  a robust virtual poster session tool, which allows you to share slides, video, or a single poster with conference attendees. We will have designated times when the poster session is “open” and presenters will be expected to be there live to interact with visitors via video and chat. Visitors will also be able to view posters asynchronously during and after the conference and leave messages or questions for presenters. Viewers have an opportunity to become acquainted with new work quickly and easily and have more time to study the information and discuss it with presenters.  There is more time for one-to-one discussion with people interested in presenters’ research than in a typical panel session. Posters are often used to showcase a completed project, or to communicate ideas about research in progress.

If you want to learn more about  the online poster session experience, you can check out this training video for exhibitors – we will be using the Showcase tool in Pheedloop for the poster session, but it works the same way as the exhibit hall. And don’t worry – we’ll be sharing step by step instructions for setting up your poster to all accepted presenters. Here is a sample from another conference that used Pheedloop for their poster session, if you want to know what to expect.

Registration: All poster and project session presenters must register and pay for the conference.  Presenters must be present to answer questions during the live poster session.

Proposal Queries may be directed to:

Nikki Yeboah, 2021 Program Co-chair (San Jose State University, ude.u1635446119sjs@h1635446119aobey1635446119.ikki1635446119n1635446119)

Sara Sinclair, 2021 Program Co-chair (Columbia University, ude.a1635446119ibmul1635446119oc@53163544611922ses1635446119)

Amy Starecheski, OHA Vice President (Columbia Oral History MA Program, ude.a1635446119ibmul1635446119oc@931635446119saa1635446119)

For submission inquiries or more information, contact:

Faith Bagley, Program Associate, gro.y1635446119rotsi1635446119hlaro1635446119@aho1635446119