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Committee on Committees

Bylaw change, October 2021:

The Committee on Committee is composed of six members, three of whom are elected by the members on each annual ballot from a slate of not less than five nor more than seven candidates proposed by the Council, in addition to nominations by petition.  Candidates may be paired.  Members shall vote for three candidates.  If they are paired, the nominee in each pair receiving the higher number of votes shall be elected.  If they are not paired, the three candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected. Members of the Committee on Committees shall serve for two years until their successors are announced at the annual meeting of the Association immediately following the election.

For implementing these bylaws changes, the first committee can be chosen in a special election to be held in Jan/Feb 2022 which would elect 6 members total. Three would serve a one-year term and three would serve a two-years so that the committee would be staggered for the future.