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Liz Strong
  • Project Manager - Obama Presidency Oral History
  • Professional: As an employee or independent contractor, I have been hired as an oral historian or to provide related services.
  • I am available to answer questions, or provide mentorship to other oral historians
  • English
  • Liz Strong is an oral historian, and Project Manager for the Obama Presidency Oral History. Prior to joining INCITE in 2019, she spent two years as Project Coordinator for the Muslims in Brooklyn Public History Project at the Center for Brooklyn History (formerly Brooklyn Historical Society). From 2015 to 2019, Liz was the Oral History Program Manager for the New York Preservation Archive Project (NYPAP), where she led several oral history initiatives on the history of the preservation movement in New York City. Previously, she worked with the Columbia Center for Oral History Research at INCITE to write their Oral History Transcription Style Guide. She was also a member of the Oral History Association task force to author their 2018 Principles & Best Practices. As a freelance oral historian and personal historian, beginning in 2010, she worked with a variety of clients, including the Washington Department of Commerce in 2013, and the University of Arizona Steward Observatory in 2012. She received her MA in Oral History from Columbia Graduate School of Arts & Sciences in 2015, and her BA in Narrative Arts from Oberlin College in 2009.

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