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International Committee

The International Committee serves as liaison to the International Oral History Association, ensures international participation in the OHA annual meeting program, encourages institutional participation in OHA publications, and holds an open session at the OHA Annual Meeting to promote discussion among members.


Martha Norkunas, Middle Tennessee State University,  ,ude.1638538774ustm@1638538774sanuk1638538774ron.a1638538774htram1638538774 2019-2022
Ida Milne, Maynooth University/Oral History Network Ireland, ei.dc1638538774t@men1638538774lim1638538774, 2019-2022

Committee Members:

Mary Hilpertshauser, David J. Sencer CDC Museum, 2017-2023
Grace Huxford, University of Bristol, 2019-2022
Brad Wright, Colorado Mesa University, 2020-2023
Kathleen M. Ryan, University of Colorado, 2020-2023
Pedro J. Oiarzabal, Arima Social Lab, 2020-2023
Rebecca Louise McGilveray, INCITE, 2019-2022
Hannah Gill, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2017-2023
James Thull, Montana State University, 2021-2024
Mimi Byrn, Smithsonian Library and Archives, 2021-2024
Marco Gabbas, Independent Scholar, 2021-2024
Pankhuree Dube, MTSU, 2021-2024
Maria Teresa Marangoni, University of Exeter, 2021-2024

Council Liaison: Sarah Milligan, Oklahoma State University Libraries